About Us

Food-love is a genetic trait that has been passed along from Karla Reesor to her daughters, including the need to constantly talk about, read about and share food. Brianna and Rebecca grew up baking with their mom, and it continues today with an enduring love of cookies.  

We are focusing on a long-time favourite cookie - Molasses Crinkles - and will feature additional sweet treats from time to time. All the baking will be made by us with real food ingredients - all butter (that means no margarine), no preservatives and no mystery ingredients with a lot of vowels.  

Enjoy the cookies, share the cookies and tell us what you think!  

 About Our Products

All of our products are small batch and made with uncomplicated ingredients and no preservatives. Please note that the products are made in a kitchen that includes nuts and the products may have been in contact with nuts and other allergens including but not limited to peanuts, dairy, soy and gluten.  


The products are made in a home kitchen not subject to inspection following Alberta Health guidelines.